Since I have retreated from 4x5" and basically all darkroom work (apart from film developing) - I have different darkroom items I have no use for anymore.

Please note:
- I am selling many small items - please describe clearly which item(s) are you interested in in your PMs
- I will happily combine shipping
- If you have question about particular item - please post it HERE and not via PM. I will gladly answer ANY question.
- pricing: I have checked eBay and I mostly ask here less than what I saw. But that should not keep you away from making me an offer
- payment: PayPal or money transfer

6) Squeegee for prints, 17cm wide
- in an OK condition

Price: 5 + shipping

The item:

7) Jobo Roller Base
- in a very good condition

Price: 15 + shipping

The item:

8) Sheet film clips (hangers), 16 pieces
- this is probably the best way to dry your sheet films - hanging then off one corner. The clip leaves one tiny spot and that's it.

Price: 10 for all of them + shipping

The items:

9) Darkroom trays
- 3x for 5x7" films or paper
- 1x for 8x10" films or paper
- 1x normal tray for 5x7"
- all are in a good condition and clean.

Price: 10 + shipping

The items: