Over Christmas I received from my Father-in-law the last of his film equipment. At almost 87 he has hung up his holster, so to speak.
I'll do this in two batches. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to the Blad stuff.

#1 Pentax Program Plus with Pentax-A 50/2 and Winder ME II. $50
Ok, this is mine. Great working condition and fully functional.

#2 Mamiya C 150mm SF with soft-focus discs. $100

#3 Mamiya Z 110mm $200

#4 Mamiya Z 65mm $200

#5 Mamiya RZ, w/l, 120 & 220 backs, 127mm (pre C) $400

Ok, this isn't photo but I thought someone might like it.
#6 Pizelle Chef #300 $100
It's in that box under the Program Plus.

#7 Mamiya RB Prism. $50
It's a little rough but usable.
He had to tape the front slide in place as it had gotten loose.

All dust you see is external and fresh.
Equipment is used but he took good care of it.
Always had it serviced when necessary.

This is going to be US only.
Plus shipping & PP fees.
I usually use USPS Priority unless you get a bunch. Then FedEx.