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Because I am able to compartmentalize issues...

Try reading the first four posts in the following thread. Reference is made to an adjustment screw that sits higher than the others. If I recall correctly, that is the vertical alignment screw. Note that it's very easy to adjust either the vertical or horizontal alignment while throwing off the opposite alignment. A fair amount of delicate trial-and-error is required to get them both right at the same time.

I adjusted my standard GF670 to be correct in both axes at the beginning of last summer. With light normal use it is now slightly off vertically, but still dead-on horizontally (where it counts).

Fuji GF670 focus issue

I guess that I'll deal with this issue when I have actual focus problems. Right my focusing is bang on accurate so any "repair" work that I do is more than likely going to mess with a good thing. But in future, when I need to do this, I'll use your directions as a reference.

If you ever end up doing this again, you should document it with pictures and post it for all the owners of this camera. I'm sure you will get much praise for that.