I have them both and love them both. Silly question, but should I love one more than the other? This question is all about personal opinion but is it possible to quantify the advantages of one vs. the other and then decide the best camera?

Let my attempt this:

F2: Heavier. F1n: Lighter
F2: The exposure information in the finder is brighter and easier to read. Aperture and shutter speed are at bottom of frame and both are bright.
F1n: Gorgeous matte black finish and lovely lines
F2: Says "Nikon" on the front of the prism...
F1n: Doesn't
F1n: Pleasing font used for "Canon" on prism.
F1n: 50mm 1.4 is great lens, focus to 1 foot.
F2: 50mm 1.4 is a great lens, does not focus as close as 1 foot.
F1n: Lighted exposure info in prism.
F1n: Has Aperture priority AE mode (Should I be comparing the F1n to the Nikon F3??)
Both: Wonderful clunk when shutter is fired.
Both: Can be used as weapons if you are being mugged.
Both: Exchangeable finders and focus screens
Both: Excellent lenses available in all interesting focal lengths
F1n: Lenses are cheaper.
F1n: Professes a like for HP5+
F2: Won't load HP5+ without a bit of whining.