Hi all,

Just after a bit of advice. I've been shooting film for just over 2 years now while my wife has been shooting digital. She has a Canon 7th but is fed up with the whole digital work flow. She wants to sell her digital and get into film because she prefers the look of b&w film and would rather work in the darkroom.

I'm after advice on what kind of 35mm to look into getting her. I shoot entirely medium format so I have no clue on 35mm slr's.

She will be shooting mostly portraits on both colour and b&w, she tends to shoot with wide apertures, mostly in natural light and some flash, and she needs the available lenses to be sharp. She's not too bothered about auto focus but she would like built in metering and perhaps some exposure compensation etc. Being a digital shooter I don't just want to throw and entirely manual slr at her.

So any suggestions?