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ho scott

i have a ton of photography books but they arent catalogued.
some include
the complete works of atget, and nadar,
monogrqphs of karsh ( portraits of greatness and the one with sofia loren?on the cover )
the collected portraits from the national portrait gallery in london,
david lynch's book
beaumont newhall's hostory,
emil schildt+linda mcartney+sam portera+clay harmon
scrapbooks photoalbums bought at 2ns hand stores
chicago skyscrapers,
books on armenian architecture in eastern anatolia+preaent day armenia
and a few hand stitched ones made by me ..
a bunch technical stuff too
photo lab indexes, air corps manuals
complete course books from the
institute of photography in nyc
martin reed's silver gelatin
american west,
food books/ european landscapes
pro- series from amphoto
irving penn .. small room
kertsez .. early work

wish i could name them all for you but they are
not all together ..
i agree there is something special about books
For the purpose of this list I left out all the technical/how-to/mechanics of photography books. That's probably a longer list than this, and certainly more diverse (everything from The Zone VI Workshop to Primitive Photography to Digital Negatives for Palladium and Other Processes). I love both kinds of books - they provide different kinds of inspiration.