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Probably better to compare the Nikon F2 to the Canon F-1 or the Canon New F-1 to the Nikon F3 since these pairs are of the same era. Are you considering whole systems or specific prisms?
There was a lot of overlap. I saw many Nikon F3's go to the shop, during the same years my Canon F-1n just clicked away with buttery smoothness. I always thought work and the time I did with my Canon wides was sharper didn't suffer from as much barrel distortion as my contemporaries using the Nikon 28 or 24mm lenses. I have used both have had a Nikon Af system for 25 years now. I switched because at the time I was exposing a lot of transparency film and the Nikon flash automation in the early 1990's was simply wizardry and allowed me to photograph with such confidence. If I still had Canon lenses I'd still have a F1n to make black and white images. I liked the F1n that much. I am now too accustomed to the focus direction of the Nikons (funny I use non-af lens so much), that I don't want to think about switching back.