Some more monographs in my collection:
Paul Caponigro - New England Days
Tillman Crane - Olden Stones
Patrick Cariou - Yerasta
Paula Chamlee - High Plains Farm
Henri Cartier-Bresson - The Modern Century
Linda Connor - Odyssey
Martin Chambi - Photographs
Steve Crouch - Fog & Sun/Sea & Stone
Edward Curtis - Portraits
Roy de Carva - the Sound I Hear
Alfred Eisenstaedt - Remembrances
Walker Evans - American Photgraphs
Jose Miguel Ferreira - the Port Wine Route
Robert Frank - the Americans
Frank Gohlke - Mount St Helens
Ralph Gibson - Infanta
Lois Greenfield - Airborn
Laura Gilpin - the Enduring Navaho
George Hurrell - the Hurrell Style
Fay Godwin - Land
Richard Garrod - Visual Prayers
Kenro Izu - Passages to Angkor
Yashuhiro Ishimoto - Hana
Don Kirby - Wheat Country
Michael Kenna - In Japan
Andre Kertezs - A Lifetime of Perception
Josef Koudelka - Gypsies
Yousuf Karsh - a Fifty-Year Retrospective
Robb Kendrich - Still
Peter Lindberg - Ten Women
Clarence John Laughlin - Ghosts along the Mississippi
Roman Loranc - Two-hearted Oak
Jack Leigh - the Land I'm Bound To
O Winston Link - Life Along the Line
Elaine Ling - Mongolia
Abelardo Morell - Camera Obscura
Sally Mann - Deep South

As I look over my collection, I realize its all over the place (just as with my photography;-(