I have a, new to me, Canon 2F ( IIF for search assistance) that of course has a nearly useless flash sync bar for bulb flash.

Yes, I know about the test gizmo that uses household, that is an option, but a bulky one and it would cost half what I paid for the camera, so I am not very excited about that.

I am considering adding an X flash to mine. You could help me with photos of one of the following:
  • A modified unit that has one added.
  • One where the flash sync contacts have been modified to work at electronic strobe speed.
  • You have one with X flash circuitry and are willing to take a photo of the base with the film loading instruction plate removed.
  • X sync addons on you cameras so I can do it in a customary way.

For those of you itching to suggest I send it out for a pro, too late; it is in a bajillion pieces for curtain replacement. I cannot afford to have someone do this. The camera apart. so now is the time for me to do this.

(also posted in Rangefinder forum.)