I'm about 22 miles West of Cleveland, Ohio. Right now (about 12:40 p.m.) it's 9 degrees F (about -12.7 C), but has stopped snowing. Where I live, we accumulated about a foot and a half of snow in the past 48 hours; I like snow. The "snow belt" is to the East of Cleveland, and they get far more snow than we do.

Just a typical winter for us. It will probably all melt in a week or two, then happen again. We also get the most snow in February, and it looks like this is going to be a good year for snow

Even though this is normal, it seems the area is populated with clones of Chicken Little. Every year they panic, even the years we get very little snow. People born and raised here often act like they've never seen snow before. I set them up by kindly telling them they will get used to it after they've lived here a couple years. When they say they've lived here all their lives I sarcastically ask why, then, are they panicking.