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I don't know that you can recommend photo books based on the photographer... So much depends on the printer/publisher and the budget the photographer has at the time of publication. Ansel Adams is a prime example- I have a little volume of his illustrating Yosemite for the Sierra Club- it may as well be black-and-white copies of Roy Lichtenstein paintings. Then there are coffee-table editions that if cut apart and framed would be hard to distinguish from his actual prints.
Adams claimed that the best reproductions were true to the intent of the photographer. The Ansel Adams books published by the New York Graphic Society imprint of Little, Brown and company, have consistently maintained high quality. While at a recent exhibit of AA images, many from the holdings of his family, I compared those prints with 27 of the images in Ansel Adams: Classic Images. The book captured almost all of the tonality of the originals. A few of the exhibition prints were quite large, and invited excessive scrutiny. In these instances, the book images were certainly as satisfactory. Many other books published posthumously have been of images in the public domain and reproduced from government sources. They are more valuable for textual information than for image quality.