Well the day after Christmas, I dug out a 1950 Pacemaker, that I had gotten from an acquaintance who knew I shot film, back in July. He had been given it, several years ago, but it was just parts and body. The bellows and leather looked good, but wondered if all the screws, parts, ect where there. Finally, I decided to give it a try.
Well it has been interesting, never done anything like this before, in the end there where only three wood screws missing, and one machine screw, which I had to make and adapt from a round head.
What evidently happened somehow, is a screw got loose inside the body release mechanism, and bound up the release trigger, and the original owner put it aside.
Couldn't have done it without the help of Charles Monday on another Forum.
So, now I got two speeds, a 3x4 and this 4x5. It will be strange not having to cut film for the 4x5. ;-)

Have a great year, and may the images flow with the creativity going through you, and lighten up your life .. ;-)