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Hey, thanks everyone! I'm not retiring by any means--more like going freelance, unless another academic post at a university comes along. Between my academic contacts and my contacts in the literary and publishing worlds, I've got plenty of work to do that I can do from pretty much anywhere, so when my wife got the offer in Hawai'i, I started lining up gigs, so we could make the move.

I won't be doing all of Route 66 (this is a cool version for fans of the song-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3TbSSI3hy8 ), just from Oklahoma City to Flagstaff before veering off to Vegas and then coming down to LA, but it's a good chunk.

Thanks for all the tips and keep them coming. I know where to go in Vegas and LA, but the in-between stops are more of a challenge.

And thanks for all the
Well, David. Retiring or not... It's not EVERYONE that gets to go on such an adventurous excursion AND gets to document it too! Nevertheless, I AM jealous!

Have a blast! congrats and please post your trip! CHEERS!