I just finished up with my second developing of my own film. Still Kodak Tri-X in D-76, 1:1. This time I did a pre-soak stage, soaking the film in 20 C water for 3 mins. No agitation here, just soaking.

After developing, stopping, fixing, and then washing, I find that my film still has the purple color to it. The negatives look great otherwise.

I know that this is not a serious flaw, yet I still want to improve and get my negatives as clear as when they come back from a pro lab.

What else can I do to clear away this purple color? Should I agitate during the pre-soak? Should I do more than one pre-soak?

Finally, I'm told that these purple negatives will print well, but will they scan well too? I need to send my negatives out for scanning and I dont know if this purple color will confuse them.