OK! I'm back from the backwoods of Alaska and it looks like I need to set the shooting assignment for the next couple of months. I've been thinking about it today and here's what I have come up with, I hope everyone enjoys it.

How about a cheap camera challenge? Break out your $5 thrift store find or that Holga that has been collecting dust and put a roll of film through it. Maybe try a disposable camera and get the film processed at your local Wal-mart. Instant cameras, pinholes or homemade cameras would be awesome too. Bonus points if your camera has been repaired or constructed with with duct tape. Cheap lens on a good camera is fine too and as is shooting bargain or expired film.

Everyone has different standards for what is 'cheap' so I'm not going to be too strict on what is acceptable but basically the winner of this challenge will be the photographer who does the most with the least.

The choice of subject is up to you but when you post your entries please tell us the story of the camera and film you used to take the photo. Most of all, be creative and have fun!

I think that's about it. Here are the MSA guidelines and otherwise if you have questions please ask. Can't wait to see what people come up with!