I'll have fun with this one. Makeshift and homemade cameras are sort of my "2nd photography" hobby. The pinhole camera I used for the last two MSA was made from a $5 polaroid "colorpack II" from goodwill. I used a hacksaw to remove the front and attached a black matboard front/pinhole/shutter with .... drumroll.... black duct tape of course.

My current two favorite pinhole cameras are:
1) a coffee can for 5x7
2) a black matboard and tape box for 8x10. ( duct tape is the shutter on this one )

But the timing for this MSA is good because I just built a new lensed camera made from black foamcore ( also sealed with black duct tape, including the door I use to change out the negs... ) I've been making paper negatives and contact printing. In the last 3 days I've made my first salt prints from these and am having a blast doing it. So probably I'll pick whatever the best one is in the next 2 months....

Sounds like great fun, thanks!