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Canon f1n take 4lr44 batteries which are doggie shock collar batteries. Cheap on eBay.
The F-1 and F-1n take two PX625's. The F-1N, which is what you're referring to takes the PX28 aka the doggie shock collar batteries, just like the Nikkormat EL.

The more fair comparison is F3 vs F-1N. Both of those cameras are their contemporaries. The F2 Photomic is better compared with the original F-1 and F-1n. I have considered buying an F-1n (the second version F-1 with the plastic tip advance lever) and having it recalibrated to 3 volts, so I can use the Nikon F Photomic battery adapter sold by CameraWorks on eBay. Allows use of two PX76's or one CR 1/3N in a camera that uses two PX625 batteries. I'd pair that with a 50/1.4 SSC...

To the OP, you may want to check with Camera Clinic in Shoreline and with Kenmore Camera to see if they've either an 85 or a 100mm FD mount lens for you. Also, consider picking up a DP-12 for your F2. LED meter readout like a Nikon FM2. With respect to your F2 whining about HP5+, sounds like the camera needs to be serviced. To be expected, since it's already at least 34 years old (last F2 was made this month in 1980). Should be completely smooth in operation. No grittiness nor whining.