Or, on chrome bodies, red for M and black for X.

The FT2 and FT3 use the later threaded PC socket, so, on those cameras it only matters what speed you set it to. However, you cannot use bulb flash on one of those cameras at either 1/60 or 1/125. It's one of the compromises Nikon had to deal with when they went to the later setup with the automatic M-X switchover. The Nikkormat EL series, however, has a flash sync mode switch in the shutter speed dial. Lift the ring on the shutter speed dial to choose your flash sync mode. Just like on the F and some of the S-series Nikon rangefinder bodies.

In any case, 1/125 or below for the Nikkormats, the FM, and the FE cameras. The Spottie, 1/60 or below.