Let me give you a view about my country Turkey. Its a rectangular geography and upper and lower side is covered with very high and long mountains. And east of the rectangular is covered with mountains also. Our North is Russia and Ukraine and there are 300 days snpw or rainfall at northern region. Its like canada, all covered with high trees and people grows tea , honey, corn, and there are big fishing goes on Black Sea.
Black Sea is one of the most stormy sea in the world and there is a special boat type at here , wider and higher and deeper groove than most Alaska boats.

South is Med and there is a mountain group called Taurus Mountains. We call Med , WhiteSea opposite to Black Sea at the North and every year 25 million tourists visit there. Beatiful place and snow is rare.
East is 3000 -5000 meters high and generally minus 25 degrees at winter. Erzurum , Van , Agri , Muş , Tatvan are the among the coldest.
There are more than 1 million refugees living in south east and its a very tough life. They are at Syrian Border.
West is Aegean and Izmir ,Istanbul and Trakya , 10 celcius at winter time and extremelly tourist magnet place.
Middle is flat and cold , capital city Ankara is there.