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Dear friends,

I discovered 3 films B&W 400TMY-2 Ilford, I shooted 3yrs ago but forgotten for different reasons.
They stayed at room temperature and I would like to develop them now with a possible result.
Do you have some advice? Do you had similar experience?
Thank a lot for your answer
Slightly confused as 400 TMY-2 is a Kodak film, still, assuming a mix of 400 iso emulsions you should have no issues over that time and storage conditions. Above 25 degrees is bad, as are temperature fluctuations (so steady room temp is good) newer crystal type films are more stable with latent image as are faster emulsions (which may be counter-intuitive) and the age of the film when exposed is a factor.

So, with modern crystal 400 iso film at room temp exposed when in date you should see no difference to recently exposed film.

BTW Pan-F has a poor reputation for latent image stability because of the bad boxes it ticks, old emulsion, slow film.
Bad is relative here you will still get a "good" image under most circumstances.