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I've found that using the two-bath method for fixing film gets rid of the purple cast pretty much completely without having to wash for extended times. I don't use hypo in the wash either. I use Ilford Rapid Fixer.
I may be nitpicking the language here, but I feel it's important for the children: HYPO = FIXER. HYPO-CLEAR is wash-aid, a substance that helps to CLEAR the HYPO from the film (or, when printing, paper).

PLEASE do not call hypo-clear "hypo"! Hypo is another name for fixer -- sodium thiosulfate, which was previously called hyposulfite of soda.

So, you pre-wash (optional); develop; stop; fix (one-bath or two-bath, your choice); hypo-clear/wash-aid (optional); wash; final rinse with Kodak Photo-Flo/Edwal LFN/other rinse aid.

Again, I apologize if I come across too harsh, but I don't want any newcomers to ruin their film by confusing two completely different chemicals.