Now they start tumbeling in - a nice way to start my new year!

I received:
Racing Stripes& Liechen by bluejeh - thid is my favorite this round, I love the texture, the tonality, the way it makes me wonder... great!

Reflection of cowgirl... by bluejeh2 - a jocular portrait - and it shows so many very American ingredients I have to smile thinking it will probably be taken in Canada

Willy Wag Tail by Andy C: this birdie looks so very important, I can see why she wanted you to keep your distance ;-)

Low Winter sunshine by Black dog - I was 'fighting' with a still-life of oranges and nuts trying to get them as a wetplate - I like the detail and it gave me encouragement to keep on trying! Thank you

It was a great round and I received really fantastic and inspiring photographs! Thank you all very much!
Looking forward to see from you all!!!