I joined in 2008, as I had just bought Peter Gowland's last 8x10 lighteweight view camera. It took him a couple months to machine a part for it, I loved chatting with him and his wife, until his death. I found the camera a bit too unstable, sold it to my shooting partner, who still has it. I'm 71, have been taking pics since 1960, first with a Practika 35, then Nikon F, then a series of 35mm and medium and large-format cameras, ending my film run with the Gowland and a Wisner 5x7. I did my best work with the Fuji GSW690 and GW670, and went digital with Nikon and Fuji cameras. I have the Fujifilm XE-1 and X100, but the images are pretty unsatisfying, and I've been in a fallow period the last 2-3 year---just taking snapshots of family doings. Happened on the APUG last week, and realized what was missing for me-----the richness and depth of film images!! On my living room walls are 30x40 inch analog enlargements from 120 trannies taken in Venice, there are no digital images hanging on my walls. Hmmmm. So, i bought a Fuji GW680III this week, and am excited about photography for the first time in years!! Happy to be back and lloking forward to being an active member.