Mink oil is for weatherproofing from moisture, it may do more harm than good on bellows. I have used Pledge (yellow can) on bellows both leather and naugahyde with out any adverse affects. Avoid Armorall also.

Apply TriFlow, http://www.triflowlubricants.com/Sup...rior_drip.html , to the focus pinion at the bed bushings and white lithium grease to the bed gears that mesh with the pinion helical gears. A trace amount of oil or grease is all that is needed. The dry lubricant you have will be fine for the standard movements and apply it to the rail edges where they engage with the bed guides.

If the revolving back does not turn smoothly, disassemble the mechanism, apply a trace of white lithium grease or your dry lubricant to the mechanical parts and reassemble.