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I just finished up with my second developing of my own film. Still Kodak Tri-X in D-76, 1:1. This time I did a pre-soak stage, soaking the film in 20 C water for 3 mins. No agitation here, just soaking.

After developing, stopping, fixing, and then washing, I find that my film still has the purple color to it. The negatives look great otherwise.

I know that this is not a serious flaw, yet I still want to improve and get my negatives as clear as when they come back from a pro lab.

What else can I do to clear away this purple color? Should I agitate during the pre-soak? Should I do more than one pre-soak?

Finally, I'm told that these purple negatives will print well, but will they scan well too? I need to send my negatives out for scanning and I dont know if this purple color will confuse them.

first oall, consider this a cosmetic flaw. it's what's left of the antihalation layer of the film and has no negative effect on picture quality. If it still bothers you,the good news is it's water soluable.I use the two-bath fixing method followed by 2min wash aid and a 10 min wash and get no purple tint ever.in oother words, a good fix and a longer wet time after fix will get rid of it. I also heard that exposure to near UV will eliminate the purple. so a couple of days in a north -ponting window should do the trick, but I haven't tested that.