Ara, I have never done any E6 films. I have, more than 30 years ago, done C41. C41 is not nearly as difficult as one might expect from reading the processing instructions. If you have never compounded your own developers etc and if your reaction to doing so is the same as mine you will find it satisfying to do so. Who knows you may have the spirit of Jdef lurking inside of you. Dear God, we could end up with 67 new b&W developers within the next year...what a nice thought.

I have posted twice before and will post once again if asked the Dignan D-41 developer which is a divided C41 developer variant done at 75F. It has very good temperature tolerance and an outstanding shelf life and costs next to nothing. Some kits for C41 have a combined bleach fix (blix). Kodak has seperate steps. The fix step can be regular rapid fixer. If you want I could look up the formula for making the bleach. The bleaching is an important step in that you must remove 100% of the silver but one can not over bleach so that if the time was three times as long as necessary no harm would be done. I would be certain, since you are well known to produce some gems, to not skimp on the stabilizing. You need not buy an extremely expensive scale. Few are the ingredients that require precision of greater the .1 grams. For those few that are you could buy a handloaders scale at a gun shop which will read in grains..there are 453.8 grams per pound. There are two different weight classes for grains the one involved here is 7000 per pound. So if you (7000/453.8)xthe weight called for you would know how many grains to substitute. I am somewhat vague, never having been to Rhode Island, as to whether your arithmetic works the same as it does in here in Wisconsin but I think it may even give smaller measures more accurately.

Many chemicals become much cheaper by buying in quantity. I do not know if an old sourpuss, such as yourself, has any photo friends, or any friends for that matter but you can save some real bucks by combining purchases.

I can not guarantee you that making your own chemistry is more fun than making love but it should not require any of the expensive little blue pills.