Made the most of my second-to-last-day-of holidays: a trip down to the fishing village of Steveston (am) the SFU campus and Barnet Marine Park (pm) consumed some four rolls of E100G (yes, Virginia, I do bracket liberally when I know I have something special) and two rolls of HP5 Plus today. Steveston, I have visited innumerable times but never thought to bring along a camera (read: cheap, fresh seafood); SFU is just a great place to people watch; and Barnet Marine Park is one of those places that begs one to bring a camera along - crabbers, boats, birds, sea lions and people (some of whom are actually photographers) are almost always in abundance. In all, a productive week; weather was uneven but WTF: every day is a Great Day to Shoot Film!! Now...if I can just find the motivation to start tackling the (B&W) darkroom work which awaits.