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Now that I have 3 rolls under my belt, I'm going to prepare and ship off my film for scanning. My films are not as flat as they could be and I fear that my resulting scans will be of poor quality due to that fact.

What is the best procedure to make the negatives as flat as can be? I am taking my dry negatives, placing them in the plastic storage holder and then putting them under a book and then putting some weight on them (4 kg).

I just started this so I'm unsure if this will be enough.

Thanks for all the tips!
The way you dry the films contributes to how curved the film will be and which way it will curve.

Curled towards the emulsion = dried too warm
Curled away from the emulsion = dried too cold

Flat = you got it right.

Spiralled up like a clock spring = nothing you can do, it's the manufacturer's fault. You can try hanging heavier weights on the film, whilst it is hung up to dry, but it is not by any means a complete cure..