Keep it very simple for the MSA:
Some cardboard as a lensboard with aluminum foil with a pinhole as a "lens" in the middle.
You can also cut a square out of a cola can, make a pinhole and use some tape as a shutter.
And off course duct tape to put it all together. Shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to put it together.
Instead of 116 film you can use photo paper cut to size as paper sheet film.
The paper negatives can be scanned or just contact printed as well.

I'll promise you: it will be fun and you'll get some astounding images you never expected.
Just give it a try.

Bert from Holland

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Well, no, lol, the lens I hacked off is for the MSA. The bellows don't hold any light... Especially with the gaping hole, I suppose I could duct tape it haha, but then I need to find 116 film, and accurately expose it (which is old). So... Not so sure about that one. If it were summer and I had lots of things to shoot with texture maybe, but it's nothing but white outside...

I'll think about it but probably too much effort for me, I spent a good 2-3 hours with the lens job