AFAIK only colored bw film negatives are stained Pyro ones. And only BW paper optimized print systems are Zone System and Beyond the Zone System. But there is no trace of paper optimized color digital or analog negative for BW prints.

And I dont know if there is a panchromatic paper available. May be all papers are orthochromatic and they act to shades of blue and green printed digital,analog negatives more effectively. I am starting to research of color shades of Pyro Negatives and effective use of these shades in color printed digital or analog negatives.

I am defending to mask various parts of the image and shade with different colors and print color digital or analog negatives for contact print.

I will try to feed that article referencing collected new posts at APUG forums. Its seems to me that is a new idea and I found myself forced to post that article asap.

I will try to find color sensivity curve of an BW photographic paper and engineer an color negative here with APUG members.

In few days , there will be more posts here from me and awaiting your ideas.

Mustafa Umut Sarac