As soon as RC hit, I almost never touched fiber paper again, except for one portfolio I assembled. I have prints from the dawn of RC, the early 1970s, that are still just fine--100% of them. There is some silvering in the oldest ones, and I gather that was one of the early problems that was worked out by the manufacturers. In later more commercial production work with RC papers I discovered on my own that fix that had been used too much could cause silvering to develop, and after using that was always careful to use fresh fixer and discard it early, after which I never had any silvering problems whatsoever. All of those prints, shot starting in 1985 and many of which I refer to daily (they are dry mounted to archival museum board, in binders) are still fine.

I guess it's probably well-known, but I'll say it anyway, that excessive wet time causes the edges to curl up. Because I was doing hundreds of prints a day at that time, I have a lot of curled edges, but that's not the paper's fault.