I gave each of my teen aged sons a Nikon EL-2 and 70-210 Nikkor lens plus several rolls of FP4+. They had been asking for a digi-cam but I wasn't inclined to give them those.

The first day my 15 year old was out with his Nikon, he exposed 2 36 exposure rolls and the 16 year old exposed one roll. The boys were awfully excited to have those cameras. We drove down to our state capital and wandered around the grounds making pictures of stuff. The younger boy has been taught nothing about composition but came up with very interesting images.

They're hooked. I suspect that if you put a solid camera into the hands of a kid and give them all the film they want, you'll find a renaissance of film will come about after a short time. Think about all the 35mm cameras sitting around collecting dust. Let's get them into the hands of kids!