I just tried my first lot of Microphen. I thought I'd bought a 5L kit, which I would have used diluted one-shot, but turns out it was only a 1L kit. So I'm keeping it in an accordion bottle and just resuing it.

First two rolls were Delta 3200 120 ei3200 done together and both came out great.

Third roll was expired tri-x 400 ei800, time +10% because it was the third roll, then derated because it was 23 degrees (although it was probably closer to 23.5, not sure how accurate thermometer is though). Ended up at 7.15mins (I think I may have done it at 7.30, depends how anal you want to be about when to start and stop the timer).

Anyway, if anything (just looking at the negs, haven't scanned or enlarged yet), the base is a slight bit dense, not sure if it was developed too hot/long or if it was just expired base fog. Nothing to complain about though.

I'll let you know how the last 7 rolls turn out...