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None of the current Ilford RC papers contain developer. Only the long discontinued rapid papers did.
Thanks for this info. I will check this out with very simple test one day. what I meant this inclusion of developer in early RC paper earned the negative rap for them from "real" photographers. I have one friend locally, who will not touch RC, and because I am using RC 95 % of the time, he keeps me in "lower echelon" of the craft. My stock of Berger RC paper is around 700 of 8X10, you can see my commitment.
But since we speaking about it, comparing Berger Prestige RC/VCM to current Ilford RC papers I see great difference in processing. Berger needs 4x more exposure and 2.5x more time in developer than Ilford. Berger will not develop in spent developer, while Ilford has no problems. How to explain that ?