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You need not buy an extremely expensive scale. Few are the ingredients that require precision of greater the .1 grams. For those few that are you could buy a handloaders scale at a gun shop which will read in grains..there are 453.8 grams per pound. There are two different weight classes for grains the one involved here is 7000 per pound. So if you (7000/453.8)xthe weight called for you would know how many grains to substitute.
I handload. My scale is an Ohaus 0 -500? With a capacity of 500 grains, and 0.1 grain resolution. Next on my list will be a RCBS "digital" - greater capacity, same resolution, with the capability to shift to metric units.

Lest anyone working with gunpowder get confused and start throwing pieces of rifle/ pistol action metal around ... There are 7000 grains to one pound. That works out to 437.5 grains per ounce, and 28.35 grams per ounce; 15.43 grains per gram.