I appreciate all the helpful advice here, I hadn't thought of used from bhphoto or keh.
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If your aim is to spend little money, head for you nearest camera shop and go fishing in the cheap bin. If you want to really do good for your photography, especially at such a large thread size, shop around, but come off your low dollar amount or you will get what you pay for.

As for filters, I would hit the basics, red, yellow, green, blue. Get low factor filters to start with until you find out you need stronger filters. I would also get some neutral density filters (NDx2, 4 &8) and also a circ pol. You'll be set for a while. But anything worth buying will definitely run more than ten bucks.
I havent put much thought into the ND filters, I will add to my list of things to experiment with.
I have a circ pol at 58mm and that is fine because the only lens I have for the 67mm are ultra wide.

I am using these on a pile of different cameras, I just plan to use step ups since most of my lenses are 58 or 52. 67mm isnt so big, and I dont plan to own a lens big enough to move up to 72mm.

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Here is an inexpensive set from Tiffen, if you want to buy new. My preference is B+W but they do cost more. I would also agree with other posters to check used. B&H also has a used section, for example, or try KEH.

I can deal with that, its not too much over my bargain hunting dream.