That's not a madman's oration at all. I think we're in the same boat here. I graduated college in '07 and landed a full time teaching job right away, giving me a full-time salary as well. Of course, one thing led to another and I found myself chasing "magic bullets" on ebay all the time. Once or twice (maybe more) a month a package would be waiting for me when I come home, with what I was hoping would be "just what I've always wanted". After a year or two of this, I ended up with more photo and darkroom gear than I could ever need. I soon found that there were cameras I used all the time, and others that just took up space. I would buy one that was highly recommended, only to find it was a complete pain in the you-know-what and did not fit in with my photographic style at all.

My cameras aren't kept in a display case, and I don't wear cotton gloves when using them. In fact the majority of my photography happens while hiking, camping, canoeing, or other backcountry travel. I take best possible care of them, but still things get wet and dirty. What's the point in having nice things if they're just going to sit at home? Cameras are just tools. The end viewer of a photograph doesn't care what you used, as long as you can convey your artistic intentions. A great photograph can come from any camera, whether Rollei, Leica, Yashica, or Holga. I couldn't agree more with the advice to keep only what you use, and pass along the rest!

Although I do have to add, I'm very thankful to have stocked up on film. I started buying at a time when lots of pros were cleaning out their studios, and great Velvias, Provias, and Ektachromes (and bricks of B&W!) were available for a pittance. My freezer has enough to live off for years!