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You discovered the first noble truth of Buddhism. Life is stressful, and in big part the stress is the result of our own actions ;-)
Well I'm a Christian, but I believe I understand what you mean. I have decided to live my life as stress-free as possible(although there are times when I do get stressed beyond control, then I pray !)

PREPARATION is the key I've found. Having things laid out(not like clothes the night before, but say in planning a birthday party for someone, for instance)... Having a plan; at least a sketch, not a beautifully-drawn set of blueprints for life is key to being prepared. Not living a "predictable" lifestyle, but one that is easy to maintain, but still allows for uninhibited growth(while under maintenance to make sure it grows correctly).

Being 25yo, almost 26, I'm glad I've come to recognize this aspect of my life early on before more time, energy and money went to waste. Priorities have changed for me, and I now want to work, travel, visit friends and family more, rather than sitting on a computer(even reading APUG ), or even making pictures. Experiences we've had, and can recollect in our minds weigh nothing, equipment we schlep around weighs a lot in comparison. Same with life. Stress weighs us down, but good experiences, positive time with friends and family props us up, and lifts our spirits out of the muck. Almost transcendental(well, maybe that's a bit far !)

Thanks for letting me 'spill the beans' about my experience with this, but I don't wish others to go down this path that I've journeyed for 5+ years too long. I wish I had been to this point of mental clarity 4yrs ago. Alas, it must have been for a reason, and now I'm moving onto a new stepping stone in life.

Happy 2014 ya'll, thanks for letting me share my experience