Darko, I'm an ignorant barbarian insensitive to the finer points. For me, if not for you, all cats are grey in the dark.

I've played with a few lenses, haven't yet found any magic bullets as you seem to mean the words among them. I have, though, found lenses that extended the range of what I could do or that gave better results than others with similar specifications.

Here's an example: my first serious camera and lens were a Nikkormat FTN and a 50/1.4 Nikkor. Second lens, a 200/4 Nikkor, let me do things that were difficult with a 50. Third lens, a 105/2.5 Nikkor, split the difference. Fourth lens, a 55/3.5 MicroNikkor, did some things better than the 55. Fifth lens, a 105/3.5 (or was it f/4?) Novoflex, was bought in the hope it would be better closeup than the 105/2.5 and would have better reach than the 55. Wrong, I couldn't use it effectively. Sixth lens, a 135/2.8 Auto-Makro-TeleQuinon, was bought for the same reason. It was better closeup than the 105/2.8, not as good as the 55 but had better reach, and was, overall, much worse than my eight lens, the 105/4 MicroNikkor that replaced it. Seventh lens, a 35/2 Nikkor did things that were impossible with my other lenses. I ended up with a four lens kit. 35/2, 55/3.5, 105/4 and 200/4. The next major acquisition was a 1000/11 Celestron C-90. It extended my range, all right, but was dreadful. The 700/8 Questar that replaced it was much better.

Magic bullets? None. Tools that extended or improved what could be done? All of 'em.