I am loathe to argue with someone from Ioway, a place which I have a long-standing attachment to, but science is the only discipline that is worthwhile? Look around you. Our science and stupidity are destroying our fragile planet. As the poet said, "man(kind) is the cancer of the planet." And a lot of man-kind-ofs with slide rulers got us here (with a lot of help from other folks).
But back to GAS. I have collected close to 100 cameras and lenses, mostly analog, but with a new year adawning I am beginning to use them.
I will be attempting to use 35mm film in cameras designed for 127. I have 4x5 and 2 1/4 x 3/14 cameras I am assembling from scratch and will try paper negatives in them when I get the FankeGraphics glued together.
Then there is glass negatives and Tintypes I want to try.
I purchased an ancient Kodak Rainbow #2 camera which has a cardboard frame and want to see what quality I can wring out of it.
My first camera, from before 1950, was a Brownie Reflex. I now have another copy and will see if I an get a photo half as good as the one I shot of a steam engine when I was 12.
If anyone thinks I could pass up a Yashicamat in very fine condition that boasts two German-made lenses is wacko. Especially at the tiny price I paid.
Shrinks will tell you that doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome is "insanity." Engineers, bless 'em, say no, it is "testing."