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Unless one is pursuing science as a career, most lives are nonproductive as a whole.
In addition to what others have said, let me say with high confidence that many lives spent in scientific careers are "nonproductive" too! I've seen the academic publish-or-perish game at close range, and it results in a lot of people doing research because they need something to publish, not because a problem needs solving.

I don't mean to diss basic research, which is incredibly valuable and important as a whole, but the mechanisms for awarding grants, tenure, and professional prestige in academia can get almost totally decoupled from the realistic value of the research. When I was finishing my thesis and deciding not to apply to academic jobs, a fairly prominent mathematician told me that he thought the average readership of a published mathematical paper was slightly less than one, even if you included the referees.

Much depends on what you mean by "productive", of course. Whatever one does that draws a paycheck, it's "productive" in the sense that someone thinks it was worth paying for, right? And it puts food on your family, finances your camera addiction, and keeps a person from becoming an idle, destructive vacuum with nothing to do with their lives.