I certainly have noted a personal tendency toward GAS, but fortunately that is tempered by two other traits -- practicality and frugality.

I probably still have 99.5%of all the camera gear I've ever bought (oh gosh, a hoarder too!) and compared with some of the lists I've seen flash by on these forums, it's not a very large pile. A couple items are non-functional, and not IMHO worth enough to fix or sell, so they are kept as souvenirs. I do use a fair percentage of the working stuff. In a few cases the use is rather sporadic -- the Argus C-3 goes out once a year on Argus Day, as an example, but it does get used. I purchased it new for thirty-nine 1957 dollars and have done a few things with it for 56 years! Not a bad investment (I did two CLAs myself).

That said, as I look back at my life (72 years and counting) I can see many spots where I spent some money on stuff with little to no long term net benefit. But you know what? I probably learned something from it (perhaps "don't do that!" ) but if I hadn't done that, I would have probably blown the money on something different but equally useless. See how easy it is to rationalize!