Little comments this time as the kids are restless to get out and enjoy the cold Summer we have down here in Melbourne.

Kc2edh - Trout Brook
mjs - Be the art
Peter Schrager - Game Arcade
Mark_S - Loco from the Niles Canyon Railway
Sly - Evening at the Cardboard House. Toned Print?? Very warm colour to the postcard
Craig cross - Sunset in Maui
Black Dog - Low Winter Sunshine. The size of the card and the framing does the oranges justice. It is looked at time and time again.
Jim17x - Being Followed
TXFZ1 - Pitcher Window
Steelbar - The Olga Store
Matt King - Roots
anikin - Taipei Night Markets. Durian fruit one of my favorites! They are available here in Melbourne only for a short time as we only get the 'seconds'. The 'firsts' most of the fruit is exported. Only colour postcard this round
BoxBrownie - Morris Dancers In Flight
pilami - Mann mit Hut. What paper is this? Such a heavy weight paper has ensured safe delivery to Oz.
drpsilver - Krishna
rince - Beauty. wonderful detail
jimo - Washington and Jefferson
George Nova Scotia - Snowman. Loved the Christmas touch. I used to make this sort of thing when I was a teenager and I could get my hands on plenty of lith film from the local newspaper office
kraker - Foodmarket in Houlgate, France
mesantacruz - Splash at OB Pier
Mardan - The Open Door