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OP, I have noted your questions for a few days now and while APUG is a great place for answers it may be that it is worth your while to buy a few books on film processing and darkroom printing. I'd recommend Tim Rudman's The Photographer's Master Printing Course and Les McLean's Creative B&W Photography. Many of the answers you need are in these two books and you might learn more from the books than asking many individual questions. At the very least the books may enable you to learn a lot and then the answers to your questions can add to your knowledge.
Thanks Pentaxuser. I'm reading Larry Bartlett's book right now, but I'll add these other two to my list.

The questions I'm asking right now are mainly on equipment as I'm setting up my darkroom, else they're questions to answers I haven't yet found.

I'm a veteran on teaching myself through books so your book recommendations are greatly appreciated.