Just am RH Designs analyser/timer - But you'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands first
Same here!

You are possibly wondering why?! It is true there is no substitute for test strips, but test strips take time to make and process, and for me anyway, time is a fairly precious resource. The analyser/timer from RHD (now sold through SDS) allows you to take readings from the projected image on the baseboard of highlight, shadow and anything in between, and it calculates and displays both the required exposure and contrast. You can adjust both to put particular parts of a negative on a particular shade of grey(zone). The analyser can be programmed and calibrated for up to 8 different paper types. so when you switch from e.g. multigrade IV to a fast paper like Kentmere everything is worked out. Calibration for each paper takes a little time, but you only do it once. These beasties are now 340 new. I would buy another tomorrow if mine failed. It gives me the ability to have a quick session in the darkroom because I can get very close first time with no test strips. Don't think, however, that they are a totally automated solution. My experience is that you still have to learn how to "use the machine", which takes a little time and practice. If you want to know more, read up on RHD website.

There IS no substitute for test strips for the ultimate fine-tuning, but an RHD analyser comes pretty close, if your pockets are deep enough.