There is no knowing how easily that paint is going to come off. It depends what it is and how well it is adhering to the surface. If it brittle, like a lacquer, you might try easing it off speck by speck with the tip of a needle or similar. What is encouraging if you look closely is that one bit of the paint at the top has been scratched through and removed without touching the under surface - there is a definite gap in the paint "blob" which suggests that it is fairly easy to get off mechanically. Or you might try a solvent very slowly on a small area at a time. Start with water - you never know it might be water soluble! Next I would try alcohol/lighter fluid but this might also affect the decal so go careful and slow! and work in from an edge. If you can find something not too powerful that softens the paint then you are in with chance. Once you get to cellulose thinners and/or acetone I suspect the chances of not damaging the decal reduce a lot. However, Canon will have made sure whatever technique they used to print was robust, so there is a fair chance I think of cleaning the paint off.

Good luck!