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The slow speeds are controlled by a clockwork escapement, not travel times. In Leica M cameras it's inside the camera at the bottom. Cleaning and relube is the correct answer.

Since you've got the other camera apart you should have a clear view of the offending assembly. Naptha or liquid lighter fluid to clean it and watch oil for lubrication. The oil should be crystal clear, If it has a color to it, it's too heavy.

the pivots of the gears and pallet are what need the attention. A pinpoint oiler will apply too much lube, Use the oiler and transfer a small drop to a sewing needle or straight pin and apply it by touching the pin to the pivot.
Whether the Zorki has slow speeds and therefore a governor or not, I don't remember. But said governor controls when the curtain is released, not the speed of travel; it wouldn't effect the shutter at all at full gate speed which is 1/30. And, a drop on the end of a straight pin is far too much for any pivot in the slow speed geartrain, indeed it would possibly be too much oil for the bushings in the curtain drums. The pallet pivots are lubricated, the pallet proper and pallet wheel teeth are not unless the maker specifically recommends it.

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