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Over the weekend I watched a documentary on the Vietnam war and in a few scenes I saw some footage of a photographer carrying 2, maybe 3 Nikon F's. I couldn't make out the lenses because it was only for a brief second. I'm assuming one was a 50 f/2 or f/1.4 The other one was a but longer, maybe a 135mm or 200mm. But regardless what do you think the lens compliment would be for a photojournalist in Vietnam following the troops on patrol?
Photographers will have carried a longer telephoto lens at times, but the terrain of much of the war, and the fact they were directly in the action, led to the greater significance of lenses in the 'long portrait' and wider bracket. And of course Robert Capa's words would still be ringing in photographers ears 'if your photographs aren't any good you aren't close enough'. Just look at images from the war printed in Life, the vast majority would made with be 50mm or wider lenses because they had the most impact.

There is a great book that I hesitate to recommend because I just looked up the price on Amazon, but if you can find a cheap copy it is 'Requiem-By The Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina', lots of pictures of camera's as a side bar to the serious intent of the book. If not that you can make do with Dennis Hopper as the photojournalist in the film Apocalypse Now', plenty of Nikon's on show.