An APUG member recently posted a full scan of a beautiful transparency made by fuji, I didn't have to try and discern the notch code, because it says plainly "FUJI" on the edge markings. All my Fuji has that, so do my Kodak sheet film, but my favorite company is Ilford, yet they don't have any edge markings on their sheet film, not only is it helpful to the user who doesn't want to memorize a gazillion notch codes, nor remember 5 years ago which film he was using when looking through the "archives" but also that it would be good advertising for Ilford to have their name on their own sheet film. Especially with many people posting the whole frame of the film (including the holder indented exposure) on the web to "prove" it's film, there's an interest in this kind of thing on places like Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc, to have the film info in the image itself.

I did search and found no info on why this is so. Does anyone know? Will they ever do it?

I did find a thread about Ilford acquiring an edge marking machine from 2008, but it was just about how Ilford should write funny sayings on their film like "Oh good you didn't mess up this exposure" or "Man I wish I had been born an 8x10 sheet of film" and/or batch number info or expiry date info etc, but not specifically about sheet film edge markings. Simon?