Hmmm, I hadn't thought of the alt process stuff, or contact, but I've never seen the markings get into the picture, even using my Grafmatic holders. They could keep it next to the notch codes where you would be masking anyway couldn't they?

As long as they didn't face it backward or anything it would be pleasing to see (to me) and show my Ilford pride, I don't like advertising products I don't want to advertise so I get that. But of all things film needs our support, and before I got heavily into film, I had never even heard of Ilford... I knew about Kodak and Fuji from the grocery store, but never saw Ilford, and then at first when I saw some in the "local" film shop (the only one in the state that's a real lab/photo equipment store) I saw "Made in England" and was like... ewww not sure I want that, it's not Kodak, is it any good? and the clerk said it was the only 50ASA film they had, I wanted to use this kodak folder I had gotten at a yard sale, and after some googling figured out that to follow the right exposures on the front (shade, sunny etc) I needed a slow film to match the film at the time, which was 25-50ASA film, so that's what I asked for, I reluctantly took it, not knowing I had stumbled upon the best film of all! PanF+!!! But anyway, my point is, if you're just starting out, you've probably never heard of Ilford if you live in the USA, at least around me there's only one store that sells Ilford in my entire state!